A Paradoxical Girl

Who is Antonette Marie Loon?


To show you a glimpse of my true character, I will tell you a few things that would make you understand an immersed soul like me. First of all, I am a full-blooded Sagittarius born on the 22nd of the month of November and because of my adventurous nature, I tend to embrace change quite better than most people because I believe that change is the end result of true learning and it allows me to improve myself each day until I am satisfied that I have reached my truest potential.

Second, I love art, freedom, knowledge, creativity and an open mind because when you add these elements together, they give meaning and beauty to everything which makes life worth living and exploring.

Third, I am constantly curious about the world and the people who live in it because I believe that there is an endless mystery to life’s secrets and I am very passionate in the field of discovery.

Fourth, I consider myself as a good girl at heart but a rebel in mind since I hate being told how to live my life and I don’t believe in limits since I think of them as an illusion that is meant to be broken down to go beyond your goals.

Last but not the least, my greatest asset is the ability to see beauty in the odd and imperfect for I think they are much more interesting and I actually appreciate a strong contrast when I see one since I think life is a paradox and I am simply just trying to be like it.



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As a native of the Philippines, I have been fairly acquainted with the tropical climate; heck I technically live near the equator so, the heat is more or less my frenemy.

Anyway, since Summer has begun, it’s time for people to wear clothing which probably exposes some or maybe a lot of skin to counter the hot weather. In my case, I tend to stick with loose off-shouldered tops since it only shows off a decent amount of skin and it makes me comfortable in many ways.

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Summer is that time of the year wherein most teenagers and maybe some adults, indulge in relaxation from the stressful months of school and work.

It is the blank period wherein people can have time for their own selves and develop some plan for self-improvement.
And probably one of those days when people with creative minds express themselves through art and style.

unknown (2)
In this outfit post, I’ve made a combination of the adjectives,
casual, fresh, tropical yet stylish in one whole look.

unknown (4)

In all honesty, whenever I leave the house, I don’t actually spend too much time on planning what to wear. Instead, I follow my instinct and reach for anything that fits within my mind’s criteria. I tend to base on my feelings since my creativity basically leads me anywhere.

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So when I picked up the pieces that composed my outfit above, I thought of cute patches, jeans, a top that would give me some air and space, an ethnic bag that emphasizes my love or bizarre stuff and a pair of dark sunglasses that still give an edge to my look despite looking tropical in some way.
My top is from Urban Outfitters while my jeans are actually from my mother’s old teenage wardrobe.

unknown (3)

My bag is from Sfera. I personally love a bag that radiates its own uniqueness. In fact, I am a fan for Asian handicrafts and textiles which are actually pretty exotic in my opinion. What really caught my eye for this bag is its beautiful beadwork and striking details.


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Have you ever heard of Komono? If not, then you’re missing out.

Well, allow me to share with you this brand’s story.

Komono is a community of designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories and rooted in the Belgian tradition of fierce dedication to quality and craft.

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Komono means small things. Its members distill the best culture into its simplest things. Thus, Komono is the perfect blend of vision and timing.


The Belguim-based accessory brand has a wide range of selection from artsy watches to retro sunglasses. It brings its sleek design, inspired color palate, and minimalist aesthetic to the world of accessories.

I’ve noticed that the brand collaborates with many talented artists in designing unique watches and sunglasses. It’s actually really cool to know that Komono has a greater sense of purpose other than just selling visibly aesthetic accessories.

One of Komono’s pride is its timepiece collection. Below are some of its Best Sellers.

Every timepiece they produce has a special meaning. It has a corresponding design that could show different meanings to different persons.


I must admit that at first, I thought that their brand was just like any other watch brands that collaborated with me, stylish and simple; but what made Komono unique is that they follow their own definition of art. They define fashion not just like an ordinary way of dressing yourself properly but simply painting what your mind wants you to create. Thus, their accessories make an outfit a lot more different in a good way.

Although, I must say that I’m the type of person who’d go with things that don’t have a lot of prints since I like to collect and buy versatile pieces in order to be practical but this is an absolute exception.

I’m not giving positive feedbacks about Komono just because I’m one of its ambassadors. In fact, I’m just honestly exposing the truth behind this brand. You must know that I never lie to my readers because I don’t want to see my followers investing on something that isn’t even that great in the first place.

When I received a Collaboration proposal from Komono, I knew right then that this brand possessed great potential. Although it’s still striving to compete in the competitive world of accessories, I still see a bright future ahead of them as I can clearly see that it is consistently growing to become a known brand. In fact, they currently have 191 thousand followers on Instagram and a large number of likes on Facebook.

You can visit Komono’s Instagram  – https://www.instagram.com/komono/ and even check out their website at https://www.komono.com/ for more details and designs.

I believe in small things because they tend to become something big someday and that’s why I believe in Komono, the perfect blend of vision and timing.

The Cold Season

Summer is rapidly ending here in the Philippines and I certainly need to switch my collection to ” Cold Season “.
For many of you who didn’t know, I’m not actually a fan of the Summer season but I certainly need the 2 – month vacation. I’m not saying Summer is bad. I just don’t like the hot weather + the bright sunshine. Heck, I don’t even know how to swim when summer is the time when teens like me have fun under the sun.

Lame right?

Now let’s get back to the main subject, The Cold Season.
I love the season because it has all the elements I need to be happy and contented. So, I’m going to give out my top five reasons of why I love the season.
First, I love layering my clothes. Let me just tell you that I’m a total fan of jackets.



Second, I love rain. I enjoy rainy days because I personally think it’s an excuse to be lazy with no complaints. These are the days when I just want to lie down in my cozy bed and watch corny chick flicks while drinking hot chocolate in my very own abode.

Third, the bright sunshine is temporarily gone. My eyes just simply hate the sight of a sunny day. I don’t know how to explain it but it just irritates me. The only thing I like about the summer season is that it allows me to wear bohemian and breezy outfits.



Fourth, Lighting. I love the cold season because the day is neither entirely dark or too bright for a mini photoshoot.

And lastly, my fifth reason is being able to wear boots without getting weird looks from people like I’m some kind of a lunatic. I just love wearing boots of any kind especially in a cold season because it simply gives comfort, warmth, and extra appeal to my whole look. I especially love matching it with a jacket.


Although I’m not wearing boots in this specific outfit, I just wanted to tell my readers that I was in a hurry at that time and I got no time to choose the perfect shoes.
So, I just happened to pick my favorite pair of heeled sandals and thought, what could go wrong with these?

Now, for the details of my outfit: The little black dress is from Burberry – Blue Collection. This dress is one of my favorites.

The blue denim jacket is from Forever 21 while my favorite shoes are from Sm Parisian. As for the accessories, I got my awesome shades from Fly Shades and watch from Daniel Wellington.

Festive In The City

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being festive?

Well, I just did.

So last weekend, I was invited to my aunt’s barrio festival in her place in Lapu-Lapu City. I actually got really festive of the celebration, feeling the festival’s spirit.

I got the feeling of wearing something boho-like because it is simply my signature style for the hot season.


So, I scanned my closet to find some stylish pieces which I can use to create a nice ensemble. The first thing that came to my mind in finding the perfect outfit is COMFORT. I want to wear something comfortable but at the same time, stylish.

As I scanned the first rack of my closet, something caught my eye. It was a colorful skirt. It was definitely Coachella-like. As I looked at it, I knew right then that it would definitely be my lower piece.

I decided to match it with a loose, long-sleeved, white, cropped top. It was totally going to be my upper piece. The top I’m wearing is from Cotton On.




The top I’m wearing is from Cotton On. While the colorful skirt is actually from my mom’s “teenage days” closet. I enjoy getting clothes from her vintage closet because let me just say, my mom’s style is fabulous. I think I got my style from her.

The fringe leather bag is also from my mom’s vintage closet.

Well, Let me tell you a fact. It’s actually 38 years old.

Pretty old right?

Lastly, my strappy shoes are from SM Parisian.



The Summer Vibe


Let me ask you something. What is your signature style for this summer?

Well… Let me tell you mine. My signature look is all boho in style. I cherish bohemian and gypsy fashion because of their unique yet casual look. In other words, I kinda enjoy trying to look like a hippie. Ever since I was young, I always admired how hippies dress theirselves because they’ve always managed to make fashion effortless. I like wearing light and loose clothes ( *coughs* sometimes) but not too basic in style which is totally perfect for the hot season. I also admire their famous saying ” worn them before they were even cool “, I mean that’s totally my definition of originality in style.

I tried mixing old and new pieces to create this outfit. The only thing new in my outfit is the red blouse. I actually got it from HM’s Coachella Collection. The rest of my outfit is from my own closet. Oh! and the accessories are from Forever 21,  last but not the least, I got those amazing sunglasses from fly shades. Their brand has a wide variety of chic and trendy sunglasses that suit your face shape and style. The good thing is that it’s available nationwide. I got mine from Sm City Cebu Branch.


For the hair, I advise you to just make things simple and effortless. Honestly, when I was still in grade school,  I confess that I don’t usually tie my hair into a bun because I felt like it would only make my face big and round but I realized that it was just me being insecure. Just be confident of what you look like because as cliché as it sounds, we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. 


For medium or short hair, I advise you to spray some hair spray on your bun to keep it steady for hours.