Festive In The City

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being festive?

Well, I just did.

So last weekend, I was invited to my aunt’s barrio festival in her place in Lapu-Lapu City. I actually got really festive of the celebration, feeling the festival’s spirit.

I got the feeling of wearing something boho-like because it is simply my signature style for the hot season.


So, I scanned my closet to find some stylish pieces which I can use to create a nice ensemble. The first thing that came to my mind in finding the perfect outfit is COMFORT. I want to wear something comfortable but at the same time, stylish.

As I scanned the first rack of my closet, something caught my eye. It was a colorful skirt. It was definitely Coachella-like. As I looked at it, I knew right then that it would definitely be my lower piece.

I decided to match it with a loose, long-sleeved, white, cropped top. It was totally going to be my upper piece. The top I’m wearing is from Cotton On.




The top I’m wearing is from Cotton On. While the colorful skirt is actually from my mom’s “teenage days” closet. I enjoy getting clothes from her vintage closet because let me just say, my mom’s style is fabulous. I think I got my style from her.

The fringe leather bag is also from my mom’s vintage closet.

Well, Let me tell you a fact. It’s actually 38 years old.

Pretty old right?

Lastly, my strappy shoes are from SM Parisian.




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