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As a native of the Philippines, I have been fairly acquainted with the tropical climate; heck I technically live near the equator so, the heat is more or less my frenemy.

Anyway, since Summer has begun, it’s time for people to wear clothing which probably exposes some or maybe a lot of skin to counter the hot weather. In my case, I tend to stick with loose off-shouldered tops since it only shows off a decent amount of skin and it makes me comfortable in many ways.

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Summer is that time of the year wherein most teenagers and maybe some adults, indulge in relaxation from the stressful months of school and work.

It is the blank period wherein people can have time for their own selves and develop some plan for self-improvement.
And probably one of those days when people with creative minds express themselves through art and style.

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In this outfit post, I’ve made a combination of the adjectives,
casual, fresh, tropical yet stylish in one whole look.

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In all honesty, whenever I leave the house, I don’t actually spend too much time on planning what to wear. Instead, I follow my instinct and reach for anything that fits within my mind’s criteria. I tend to base on my feelings since my creativity basically leads me anywhere.

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So when I picked up the pieces that composed my outfit above, I thought of cute patches, jeans, a top that would give me some air and space, an ethnic bag that emphasizes my love or bizarre stuff and a pair of dark sunglasses that still give an edge to my look despite looking tropical in some way.
My top is from Urban Outfitters while my jeans are actually from my mother’s old teenage wardrobe.

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My bag is from Sfera. I personally love a bag that radiates its own uniqueness. In fact, I am a fan for Asian handicrafts and textiles which are actually pretty exotic in my opinion. What really caught my eye for this bag is its beautiful beadwork and striking details.


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