A Paradoxical Girl

Who is Antonette Marie Loon?


To show you a glimpse of my true character, I will tell you a few things that would make you understand an immersed soul like me. First of all, I am a full-blooded Sagittarius born on the 22nd of the month of November and because of my adventurous nature, I tend to embrace change quite better than most people because I believe that change is the end result of true learning and it allows me to improve myself each day until I am satisfied that I have reached my truest potential.

Second, I love art, freedom, knowledge, creativity and an open mind because when you add these elements together, they give meaning and beauty to everything which makes life worth living and exploring.

Third, I am constantly curious about the world and the people who live in it because I believe that there is an endless mystery to life’s secrets and I am very passionate in the field of discovery.

Fourth, I consider myself as a good girl at heart but a rebel in mind since I hate being told how to live my life and I don’t believe in limits since I think of them as an illusion that is meant to be broken down to go beyond your goals.

Last but not the least, my greatest asset is the ability to see beauty in the odd and imperfect for I think they are much more interesting and I actually appreciate a strong contrast when I see one since I think life is a paradox and I am simply just trying to be like it.


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