About Antonette Loon


Antonette is a 15 year old girl who has a deep interest in fashion, arts, and music ranging from the classics to the modern era. She prefers being called “Toni” because she thinks “Antonette” is too long. She is still studying High School at the University of San Carlos – South Campus. She is currently residing in Cebu, Philippines.

Toni enjoys going to places with impressive architecture. She gets rid of stress by either shopping or simply listening to music. She has only one sibling. Toni is also an aspiring Chemical Engineer. She dreams to transform chemicals and raw materials into something really useful and innovative.  Enter the world of Toni and her journey towards success.

 About this Blog

This blog is basically Toni’s way of expressing her ideas and interests. It includes a lot of outfit posts, road trips, tips worth sharing, and some bits and pieces of her life.


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